Wild Mint tells the story of a group of childhood friends in Israel, the experience of growing up under the influence of strong ideology and the first Intifada they oppressed. The story evolves around a tragic scuba diving accident where two young men drown. The accident occurred in Egypt in a beautiful place called the Blue Hole. The two who were serving at the time in elite army units in the Israeli army. They believed they could dive 60m’ and emerge through a tunnel to see the famed blue light that is caused from the reflection of the sun hitting the water. The film examines the relationship between young people in Israel and the influence of a state ideology upon them.

Film Stills


  • Producers

    Danae Elon

  • Cinematographers

    Eitan Riklis , Tomer Shani

  • Music

    Riccardo Manzi


Jerusalem Film Festival 1999

Lisbon International Film Festival


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