The Greek Orthodox church in Jerusalem is the third largest owner of private land in Israel/Palestine. It is little known that the Patriarch of Jerusalem is the one who personally oversees the leases to all these lands in the State of Israel. In 2005 Patriarch Irineos was accused by his Palestinian followers of ceding long term leases to extremist Jewish settlers in the Christian quarters of the old city of Jerusalem and for the first time in the church’s 2000 year history he was ousted from his chair. For 11 long years Irineos was imprisoned in his chambers. His only connection to the outside world was a small window and a cell phone.  In this first person account, filmmaker Danae Elon unravels what really happened to the former Patriarch. With unprecedented access to the inner workings of the church, a riveting mysterious disturbing and sometimes humorous story is revealed about an unknown world and its connection to the highest national interests of Jewish presence and control within the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City.

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  • Doc Aviv
  • NY Jewish Film Festival
  • Toronto Jewish Film Festival
  • La Greek Film Festival
  • NY Greek Film Festival


Best Documentary Film Toronto Jewish Film Festival 2017

Best Documentary Film Los Angeles Greek Film Festival 2017

Best Research Award Doc Aviv 2016

Special Mention from the Fedeora European Critique circle Doc Aviv 2016

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