P.S. Jerusalem

I finally finished my new film!

After a wonderful screening at the opening night of Cinema South. P.S. Jerusalem is on its way into the world.  Five years of labor and pain came to a climactic conclusion on June 7 2015.  The opening night event of Cinema South, in the Southern town of Sderot, on the border of Gaza.  Luckily the minister of culture canceled last minute, most likely after she read in Haaretz what the film is about, and so no provocation got in between the audience and the film. My love and admiration for this place, Cinema South is so immense. A place where the programmers truly love cinema. Their choice to open the festival with my film was brave and very inspirational. Launching it’s life into the world could not have found a better place with such a strong sense of integrity. Thank you Cinema South.

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