P.S. Jerusalem TRAILER

Hi all, just wanted to share the trailer of P.S. Jerusalem. I hope to be posting some news in the upcoming weeks about reviews and press. We are very excited to be going to TIFF! Thank you Thom Powers for your belief in this film and for bringing it to such a great festival.

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  • Mme. Elon. I have just heard your interview on CBC ‘The Current’ and was deeply moved by the humanity and courage of your witness. I am neither Palestinian or Jew, (gay post-Christian-christian) I have long recognized that humanity can no longer afford the dualistic objectification of our fellow humans by creation of an ‘other’, or equally the objectification of our planet as ‘something to be exploited and commercialized.’ As a Montrealer, I am thrilled that you and your family have settled here, and I would wish you all every good thing for this Jewish New Year. David@Montreal

  • Hello…..just heard your interview with Anna Maria Tremonti on CBC and took a look at the trailer. You must be very busy right now but when things calm down, we’d like to see a screener, to consider the film for a little documentary film festival in Antigonish, Nova Scotia – next festival is October 2016. Our annual festival always includes a film about Israel/Palestine and your film sounds like just the kind of thing our audience likes. So, congratulations, good luck at TIFF and hope to hear from you soon.

  • Please bring this film to Halifax. We can show to a large audience . It needs to be shown to young people . Our group, CANADIAN ARABS AND JEWS For a just peace, would show the film and would want you to be here as well. Would you consider this.

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