P.S Jerusalem coming to DOC NYC

We will all be travelling down to NYC on NOV 14th, for the US premiere of P.S Jerusalem at DOC NYC in the viewfinders competition of the festival.

I hear incredible things about this important New York City documentary film festival and I am delighted to premiere P.S Jerusalem at this event.

The first screening which we will all be present will be:

on Saturday Nov 14th at 19:00 – Bow Tie Chelsea Cinema . I hope very much that you can come out on this day. There will  be an additional screening at the IFC on Monday the 16th of Nov t 10:30AM. 

I am posting here a link to the DOC NYC web site, tickets can be purchased easily on – line.


Hope to see you there!


1 Thought on “P.S Jerusalem coming to DOC NYC

  • Congrats Danae.

    I hope you remember me. I am friends with Crix Palao, we met in NYC sometime in the 90s. I was in Barcelona two weeks ago and she told me you moved to Canada. If you are in Toronto let me know I will be there in Jan visiting my sister. Good luck w festival. Wish I could be there, but we live in Miami now.

    Xx Andrea

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