“I and the public know what all school children learn those to whom evil is done do evil in return” — (W.H.Auden)

This powerful film about the Jewish Defense League traces the militant group’s history from the streets of Brooklyn where it originated to the Occupied Territories where it flourishes today, painting a disturbing portrait of a cycle of hate born in the ashes of the Holocaust.


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  • Directed by

    Danae Elon and Pierre Chainet

  • Editing and Cinematography

    Danae Elon and Pierre Chainet

  • Composer

    Peter Scherer

  • Executive Producers

    Stanley K. Sheinbaum, Frank Pierson, and Sidney Pollack.


IDFA 1996

Jerusalem film festival 1996

San Francisco 1997

Cinequest 1997

Chicago Int film festival 1997




Golden Spire Award, San Francisco Int’ Film Festival 95.

Achievement Award, Chicago Int’ Film Festival 95.

Press Reviews

  • SFWeekly

    The JDL’s religious imprimatur, racist dogma, and vigilante mentality give the film an eerie, timely ring.

  • Metroactive Movies

    This unforgettable documentary drips Old Testament blood vengeance onto Jean Renoir’s rueful observation that the tragedy of this world is that everyone has their reasons.

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