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ARTE premiere for Family Albums – cinematography for Sameh Zoabi

“Identity is our legacy and not our inheritance; our invention and not our memory.” Mahmoud Darwich Questioning the Poet’s sentence about identity and transmission, four filmmakers draw up a sensitive portrait of the Arab world, driven by their own concerns, composed by their daily and intimate life, in four different places.

Hand in Hand Video (with English translation)

I hope all of you who took a look will now re-look and understand. This video was recorded at the Hand in Hand school in Jerusalem, a few days before the Cease Fire went into effect between the Israeli government and Hamas.



Hand in Hand Video

Last week we gathered together the community of Hand In Hand and made this small clip, it is a response to the War on Gaza, the unbearable racist society that surrounds us in Jerusalem, a glimpse of the pain and hope that the students wish to express.

I am sorry that there is no translation.

Busy busy busy working on a new film, I wish I had more time ….


Ave Maria

A few months ago, I took my camera and went to film Jaffa Gate late at night. In a cafe right beside the New Imperial hotel in a small alley, I encountered this group of young men and women, singers practicing for midnight mass at the Nativity Church in Bethlehem. I wanted to share this moment with all, these beautiful people kept on singing into the night and I went home with my heart full.


GODLESS, notes from Jerusalem

GODLESS is the working title of my new film.

This post is an experiment – testing the boundaries of documentary film storytelling. All those who will contribute and receive the newsletter will be part of an ongoing process of the making of a film and contribute to it’s outcome. I need your help and want to hear your voice. Continue reading

Partly Private Salon Interview

We have had a remarkable festival, and came home with a nice award for New York Best Documentary.

The great foreskin debate

To snip or not to snip? That was the question facing new parent Danae Elon, who didn’t just wrestle with the controversies of circumcision — she made a documentary about it.

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